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Field Experience & Student Teaching      


The field experience component of the Teacher Education Program provides students with an incremental set of field experiences which enable them to know themselves in relation to the school setting. Extensive experiences in structured observations, tutoring, small group instruction, and whole class instruction are required to provide a meaningful developmental transition from theory to student teaching.

Field experience hours will be gained in two courses, namely, EDU 335 and EDU 401, totaling a minimum of thirty clock-hours in each block. Students are responsible for their own transportation and field experience hours do not include travel time to and from the schools.

Both public and private schools are used for field experiences. Field experiences should reflect the diverse student population in the Jackson, Tennessee area and will provide for a multi-cultural experience. Students do not obtain their own field experience placements. The process is handled through the Office of Teacher Education. Field experiences are supervised by the Director of Teacher Education. Students who wish to enroll in field experience should make arrangements with and have permission from the Director of Teacher Education. Requests must be in writing.

Field experiences are structured to reflect a developmental and sequential approach to Teacher Education. Observation will be followed by tutoring, small group instruction, and large group instruction. Field experiences are an essential in the Teacher Education Program. Students must spend time in school classrooms to develop prerequisite skills for the student teaching semester.


The following are the requirements that students must satisfy before registering for the student teaching component:

  1. Completion of all other course work required for the degree pursued.
  2. An overall GPA of at least 2.5.
  3. A GPA of 2.5 in the teaching field(s).
  4. Pass the Sophomore Proficiency Examination.
  5. Minimum score as determined by the State of Tennessee on all parts of the ETS Praxis II Test.
  6. No defects, physical or other, that will prevent successful classroom performance.
  7. At least one full semester in residence at Lane College, immediately prior to enrolling for student teaching.
  8. Written approval from the studentís major academic advisor indicating the studentís readiness to engage in student teaching.

Students are encouraged to submit an application for student teaching at least one semester prior to the semester in which they anticipate engagement in student teaching.

The Teacher Education Committee will conduct an interview with applicants the semester prior to the semester in which the proposed student teaching experience is anticipated. This interview will include a demonstration lesson. The Committee will determine the studentsí readiness to engage in student teaching, based on the following criteria: Test scores, cumulative grade point average, successful completion of pre-requisite course work, and performance in the interview.


The enhanced student teaching program will include the following:

  1. The student teaching program will last for an entire semester (15 weeks).
  2. During this period, the student will be exclusively in his/her teaching assignment and no other classes will be allowed other than a seminar experience.
  3. In elementary licensure (K-8), one half of the semester will be spent in grades K-4 and the second half of the semester in grades 5-8.
  4. Secondary teachers will spend the entire semester in the same school setting.
  5. Those who are seeking licensure in grades 7-12 in Science/ Biology, or Science/Chemistry will spend half a semester in grades 7 and 8 and a half semester grades 9-12.
  6. Students who are seeking licensure in grades K-12 in Physical Education, Music, either Vocal or General, and Music Instrumental will spend one fourth of a semester in grades K-4; one- fourth of a semester in grades 5-8, and one-half of a semester in grades 9-12.
  7. Out-of-state student teaching will not be allowed under any circumstances.
  8. All course work and professional education courses must be taken before student teaching is allowed.

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